Welcome To Free To Fly!


I’m So glad you stopped by…


May your visit here,

Be a leisurely,

Time to relax,

And spread your wings;

And with a scent,

Of Heaven above,

May you leave with a sense,

Of God’s healing Love!


 ~ Vanessa Bruce Ingold  



4 responses to “Welcome To Free To Fly!

    • Thanks! How sweet of you to visit. I’m sure you’re busy with your writing, cats, trees…
      I just clicked on your beautiful photo, which brought me to your facebook page. I see I’m not the only one complimenting you on your photo skills. 🙂

      • Sorry I took a while to respond. My husband says not that he knows.
        We should join that site for finding relatives & knowing our heritages! That’ll be another thing on my to-do list! lol
        Btw, I love reformed theology. 🙂 Lord bless!

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