My Story

  One night I prayed, “God, please come into my life.” Unsure He was listening, I fell asleep crying.


The next morning, I was hit head-on by a truck and completely run over by it.


My injuries included 111 long bones broken, plus numerous short, flat & irregular shaped ones  (including C7  of the cervical spine, ribs, left clavicle, ankles, wrists, knees, & pelvise); & damaged organs.


Two days later, I experienced “cardiac arrest, which resulted in a heart attack. After a priest came into my room and read me my “last rites,” doctors performed a 10 hour open-heart surgery on me.


My 27 operations have included many rod fixations and casts of bones, 3 open-heart surgeries, lacerated liver repair, & amputation of all 10 toes. Besides 110 blood transfusions, initially I was connected to a ventilator for 3 1/2 months.


Throughout the whole ordeal, and throughout the years, I’ve nearly died many times, due to a collapsed lung, lack of oxygen, blood infections, & reaccuring congestive heart failure.


Nevertheless, I’ve experienced miracles upon miracles. Indeed, God has saved me and kept me alive!


Six months after the accident, I walked out of that hospital. Now people call me “A Walking Miracle.”


The accident has been a blessing in disguise. Through it, God has transformed me and my life for good. This is the reason I write.  However, I didn’t realize my desire to write until many years after the accident. 


Then I took a writing course and graduated. Now, since having had many book articles published, two in magazines, & 1 poem, I’m working on my own book.


I call this site Free To Fly because writing truth has set me free. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, God has used my accident for good & given me new “wings.” Although today I deal with physical pain from the accident, I’m not sorry it happened.


Thanks for taking the time to stop by. If you’d like my prayer team to pray for you, please let me know.


~ Vanessa Bruce Ingold


Here’s a photo of my first time meeting with Deborah Turner, whom God used to help physically save me, after my near-death bicycle accident in 1992. The accident occurred near Deborah’s previously owned pet store. (Now author of  Wheely Willy, Deborah tells the true story of having helped save the life of her dog, & having provided him with a wheelchair!)



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